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Fei Gaoyun Visits the Leadership of Multiple Aviation Companies

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Fei Gaoyun Visits the Leadership of Multiple Aviation Companies

Mayor Fei Gaoyun kept on visiting the leadership of multiple famous aviation companies and promoting cooperation on Nov 1 at China Airshow, Zhuhai.

That Afternoon Fei Gaoyun visited Cao Jianguo, the President of Aviation Engine Corporation of China. This newly founded corporation is very powerful, because it covers all aircraft engine related business of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China and almost all aviation engine related institutions and manufacturing plants of our country. Changzhou Lan Xiang Machinery and Tianshan Heavy Industry are all subsidiaries of this corporation. Fei said that Changzhou is developing general aviation industry in full sail and a group of aviation companies have gathered in Changzhou Airport Industrial Park. He hopes Aviation Engine Corporation of China could provide more support to its subsidiaries in Changzhou and help promote Changzhou’s aviation industry. Cao Jianguo said Changzhou’s developing environment has a good prospect and they will make the subsidiaries develop faster in Changzhou.

Fei Gaoyun also went to the exhibition booth of Continental Motors Group and visited Pan Linwu the Executive Vice President of AVIC International and Tian Shan the Executive Vice President of Continental Motors Group. This year, AVIC International, which is a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, acquired Continental Motors Company of America and TAE of Germany, and established this Continental Motors Group. This Group is the only manufacturer and service provider of a whole series of aviation gasoline piston engines and aviation kerosene and diesel piston engines in the world. Fei Gaoyun said that Changzhou boasts good situation and foundation of developing general aviation industry, and we hope Continental Motors Group could have a win-win cooperation with us.

Fei Gaoyun also visited Zhang Jianwei, the President of Bombardier China, and promoted the cooperation on aviation industry with this fortune 500 company.

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