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Fei Gaoyun Leads Changzhou Delegation to Continue Promoting Cooperation in HK

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Changzhou Delegation Promotes Cooperation in HK

On Oct 24, the Mayor Fei Gaoyun led Changzhou delegation to continue visiting famous companies in Hong Kong.

China Everbright International Limited is a leading company in environmental protection industry in China headquartered in Hong Kong, with its business covering areas of energy, water, green tech and environment science and technology, etc. At present, Everbright International has invested 5 projects in Changzhou with accumulatively 1.5 billion yuan. This time Fei Gaoyun met with Chen Xiaoping, the CEO of China Everbright International to further discuss cooperative projects. Fei hopes Everbright International could regard Changzhou as its important operation base and put more high value added environmental protection projects in Changzhou, and Changzhou government will spare no efforts to support the company. Chen appreciated Changzhou’s investment environment and said that the Changzhou projects develop very fast and the company has decided to expand their environmental protection equipment manufacturing in Changzhou.

Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd. is the largest laminates producer in the world and the biggest printed circuit boards manufacturer in the whole country, and is also one of the leading suppliers of China’s chemical products. The company boasts good cooperation relationship with Changzhou. Fei Gaoyun and the delegation visited Zheng Yongyao, the General Manager of the company. Fei Said that Changzhou plays a leading role in carbon material R&D and application field in China, and he hopes Kingboard Chemical could strengthen the cooperation with Changzhou in new material industry. Zheng said that Changzhou’s graphene and other new materials develop very rapidly and vigorously, and their company is willing to develop innovatively together with Changzhou to realize win-win situation.

China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of the China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.’s companies listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange Market, and the distributed energy project invested by CR Power is located in Zhonglou Economic Development Zone, Changzhou, with over 100 million USD investment planned. Ge Changxin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of CR Power, said in the meeting that the company will start the construction of the project as soon as possible according to Changzhou’s industry planning.

Fei Gaoyun and the delegation also visited Hong Kong Science Park to learn successful experience from it. After more than ten years development, Hong Kong Science Park has incubated nearly 500 hi-tech enterprises, 70% of them successfully entered the market.

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