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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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In accordance with our city’s professional criteria, which is “Government-led, Market-oriented and Strategically Enterprising”, we invite and will welcome leading talents from both home and abroad to start your business here.  

1.Focusing on these specific Industries

High-end equipment manufacturing, Innovative Development in New material, New energy, New generation of IT and Software, Smart grid, Biotechnology and new pharmaceutical, Energy conservation and environment protection, New energy vehicles, Marine engineering equipment, Internet of Things, Cloud computing and so on.

2.Municipal Policy Support

Defined by the leading talent and the composition of their teams, as well as the technology, industry prospects and implementation progress of the project, we will provide entrepreneurs and startups with tax credits, major projects subsidies, loan guarantees, personal income tax deduction, financing support and other benefits.


Based on the leading talent and the composition of their teams, as well as the technology, industry prospects and implementation progress of the project, we offer several funding programs for entrepreneurs and startups: Talent Investment Fund¥2-3 million, Venture Capital Fund ¥1-3 million, Equity Investment Fund up to ¥10 million and so on.

4.Innovation Parks

Changzhou Science and Education Town, CND (Changzhou National Hi-Tech District), WIZ (Wujin National Hi-Tech Industrial Zone), Changzhou West Lake Science and Technology Industrial Zone, Jiangsu Province High-tech Business Center of Liyang, Hua Luogeng Science and Technology Park, and other 13 high-tech industrial bases (such as Sino-German Innovation Park, Sanjing IT Incubator and so on ).

5.R&D Platforms

ISTAR (Institutes of Intelligent Science and Technology Application Research, Jiang Su and Chinese Academy of Sciences), Southwest Jiaotong University Changzhou Institute of Railtransport, Changzhou Institute of Energy Storage Materials & Devices, Jiangnan Graphene Research Institute, The Jiangnan Institute of Modern Indsutry,   and other more than 20 R&D platforms.

By the end of 2014, there are 986 HNTEs (High and New Technology Enterprises) and 86 foreign-invested R&D centers with 37,833 pieces of registered patents in Changzhou.

6.Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We are actively building a “Nanny-style” service modality featuring good quality, with fast and high-efficiency services.

We are also making efforts to improve and enhance our service protocol, simplify and optimize the service procedures, compress administrative approval matters, and carry out IPR Protection Action, Enterprise Growth and Innovation Capital Cooperation Seminar and other activities to give full support for all kinds of talent and their businesses in Changzhou.

Besides, the entrepreneurs will also enjoy a high quality of life in Changzhou thanks to the pleasant living environment, such as the convenient, state of the art health care services, complete bilingual education, sound financial system and professional service agencies, a developed catering industry and flourishing amusement resources.


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